Clarkson for 1D, Malik for Top G?

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The dust has settled and now it’s common knowledge that everyone knows the BBC 1 presenter of the critically acclaimed ‘Top Gear’ Jeremy Clarkson has been sacked as the BBC refuse to extend his contract after allegedly punching a producer for serving him cold food. It’s also common knowledge the the biggest boy band in the world ‘One Direction’ are one member down after Zayn Malik left the group’s world tour after ‘stress’. But what now?

Well, as for both cases there are numerous rumours and ideas floating around the internet as for what happens for both of these British ‘icons’  and were they go from here.

Malik for Top Gear?

Malik for Top Gear?

One idea I like is the ‘ol’ switch-a-rooney’, it makes perfect sense for Clarkson to join One Direction and Malik to present Top Gear, right? I even got my hands on some exclusive test footage of the new ‘experienced’ member of 1D….

The clip shows a high-quality editing of what Mr Clarkson would look like and it’s clear to see it’s a match made in heaven, it just makes perfect sense. As for Malik on Top Gear, the Stig’s still training him.

Another thing I heard was that Clarkson is actually suing the BBC over his sacking, as it turns out for ‘Unfair dismissal’. Again this makes sense, it’s just not fair being given a cold sandwich, totally UNFAIR.

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Clarkson to join One Direction?

As for Zayn, he’s not having the best of times. For those who don’t know, he was pictured with a girl and rumours and accusations went flying around that he’d cheated on his Little Mix Fiancee Perrie Edwards. He obviously denied these accusations but then fled back home due to ‘stress’ and then later left One Direction. Since then Malik has remained quiet about the whole thing however recently  a Swedish lover has ‘urged Edwards to dump’ Zayn. Bless him, he’s all over the place.

So this was a rough round up but it would be great to hear what you think in the comments below or fill out the poll, were do you think they’ll go from here? Keep one, lose the other or good riddance to them both? Let us know!


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