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Since I created this section of the site I thought it would be a slow and casual build up of Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad rumours and speculation. It seems, however, the TV networks had other ideas and released a shed load of material and things to write about. So I’m about to cram in as much as I can on the latest news in tv regarding the superhero genre, and sorry Marvel, but it’s all DC I’m afraid.


First thing I’ll talk about is Arrow. Arrow’s third season was somewhat disappointing after a shaky first season made a massive leap to a become great second, the third seemed a slight step back. By murdering Sara very early in the season and thus establishing a dark and gritty tone (dark and gritty superhero style, whaaaa???) the theme of moving on from  tough past seemed to become contagious as every character seemed to have had some sort of disastrous consequence of the death. There were however a lot of positives to take from season 3 of Arrow. Roy really came into his own, which was needed for him to remain interesting. The name ‘Arsenal’ seemed disappointing to me at first as ‘Red Arrow’ seemed like a more obvious choice, but Roy stopped being just a troubled kid and really grew up and became a hero in his own right. On the other hand, Laurel has become gradually worse as the series continued, aside from a slight fanboy moment with Cisco (the Flash) showing that when she’s in a good mood she’s not irritable at all! Speaking of irritable, Felicity, who was one of my favourite characters in the first two series, has suddenly became an emotional wreck, and it quickly became a boring act to see in every episode.The flashbacks didn’t help in any way other than an origin story for the bio-weapons, which I feel was wedged in there just so the flashbacks had reason, hopefully something will change with them or even scrapped altogether in season 4. The crossovers within the Flash have really helped this season by showing that you can inject humour to the show without sacrificing the quality and this is something that maybe the writers can take note off. With Olicity driving away into the sunset and Oliver finally declaring he was ‘happy’, hopefully when they inevitably return to help team Arrow, he’s the light-hearted humorous character we know from the comics. I personally hope he comes back with his moustache, have it as a running gag as no-one likes it, like the daft things you do on holiday, but thats just me.

Whilst on the subject of the CW, it brings me nicely onto the next spin-off ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ . This is the love child of both The Flash and Arrow and will feature characters from both series. The interesting aspect of this show is the lack of main characters, giving usually b-sides the chance to take centre stage and hopefully really make us care about them the next time they come up against a main character. From the trailer we can see a combination of both heroes and villains, with a team consisting of Captain Cold, Heatwave, Hawkgirl, White Canary, one-half of Firestorm, Rip Hunter and The Atom. I personally am so excited for this show! There are actually a few reasons why too and not just one, it’s a total joygasm! The main question fans of Arrow will be asking is how can Sara Lance, the original Black Canary, now be alive? Well, in the trailer we actually see her coming out of the Lazuras pit often used by Ra’s Al Ghul in Arrow. Also notable from the trailer, is the lack of Robbie Amell, the other half of Firestorm. The character is usually the coming together of Dr Stein and Ronald Reyman, but Amell, who plays Reymond, has not yet signed up for the show, so we have to wait on that one. The leader of the group will be Rip Hunter, who is a time traveller. For Doctor Who fan’s, Arthur Darvill who plays Rory will play Rip, so the time travelling element is a nice little nod. Finally we got to see The Atom go small and stop being a knock-off Ironman and now become an Antman and Ironman combination and then there’s Hawkgirl… Hawkgirl is who I’m most excited to see as for me she is an A-list superhero with thanks to the Justice League cartoons I grew up with. It will be great to see how her wings and whole mythos is explained so I hope this show does her Justice!

Here is were it goes downhill in my opinion, because next up is the Supergirl trailer. This for me just raises so many questions and not in the right way. Mostly because Supergirl just seems to always be in Superman’s shadow and can never really escape it’s tie-ins to the Man of Steel. In this trailer we see Kara Zor-el leaving the doomed planet Kryton and heading for Earth. She mentions about her cousin which is Superman, for anyone who’s IQ is at -1, and through a very quick collection of shots if you pause at the right moment you can see a silhouette of Kal-el helping her out of her ship. This raises questions as to why she was older then him when she left Krypton but now he’s all grown up. The most probable answer is that her ship got lost and landed after he had grown up. This probably won’t be mentioned that much, but we’ll see. The other aspect of the show which springs to mind is that after everyone keeps name-dropping her ‘cousin’ this means this is a world that publicly knows and accepts Superman, well maybe not accept as it’s not a superhero show if everyone loves them but still, he’s already known, so I can’t help but feel there’s not a lot for Kara to struggle with as much as Clark would have growing up as I feel it would be a world slightly more accepting. We do get to see fully fledge costume though which does suggest less time with an origin story and straight into to crime fighting aspect, which is nice. We see her enter an underground army type place and on a screen we see big bad guys which are possible aliens or hopefully ‘Metahumans’. This show is run by different people to Arrow, Flash, and Legend’s of Tomorrow but fans can hope of at least name drops due to the shows huge success. Hopefully the show will act as a nice introduction to characters like Martian Manhunter and other alien aspects of DC that Arrow and The Flash just can’t achieve, not yet anyways. I’m glad there’s more of a girly aspect to the show as it is a welcomed change from the dark and grittiness we’re used to. The show feels like the old ‘Adventure of Clark and Lois’ series with it’s superhero aspect but a more light hearted approach to the everyday life and struggles. The most exciting thing about this trailer is the skin colour of Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy is usually a pale, nerdy white guy who takes photos for the Daily Planet with Superman, and in the trailer he is a muscular black guy who can be seen handing a gift to Kara ‘from her cousin’. He looks like a strong and possibly now independent character so again hinting at the world is quite advanced in the Superman storyline, and Jimmy possibly being a father figure to Kara. Overall I’m not greatly excited for this, but we’ll see how it goes.

And finally we end on bad news, as Constantine has been officially cancelled. This doesn’t strike me as a shock however as the series does struggle to get off the ground and is flawed in a lot of places. This is something I feel could’ve been smoothed over though after a few seasons and really had the potential to go onto something greater. It was a lot better then the Keanu Reeves movie version and even dwelled into DC characters like a brief Dr Fate cameo. The most annoying thing for me was the Welsh actor playing an English guy in an American tv show. This obviously meant that every single sentence the guy said ended in a stereotypical ‘mate’ ‘ geezer’ or ‘sunshine’or some other stereotypical saying, clearly putting on a British accent. Also the character says he’s from either Newcastle or Liverpool, but sounds like a Londoner, maybe there’s an aspect I’ve missed but as a Brit, that just made no sense to me and became frustrating to watch. With the show being cancelled, there is however hope as Warner Brothers may possibly drop Constantine onto another show. With the Legends of Tomorrow yet to begin production, this seems like the most suitable place to put the character with out making it forced. However the darker tone might find Constantine wind up in Starling City with team Arrow, as some of the team seem disgruntled after the season finale.

So there’s the massive superhero mashup of trailers and finales and everything else that’s been released. What do you think of anything or everything that’s been said? Feel bad for Constantine? Excited for Supergirl? Let me now in the comments below!


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