Kimberly Anne Live at Manchester’s Sound Control


KIMBERLY Anne performed at Manchester’s Sound Control last night (October 5), and this is how it went…

In a small and quiet room of Manchester’s Sound Control, south London’s Kimberly Anne plays an intimate show to a sell out crowd as part of her first UK headline tour.

Fumbling on to the stage sporting a bright red shirt and the famous cubic quiff that has became automatically connected with the South London indie-pop singer, Kimberly opens with track ‘Start Over’. There is an instant transformation between Kimberly the person and the Kimberly the performer. Staying true to her character each track is given an insight into its origins but the light-hearted humorous personality immediately regenerates into this deep and soul-esque vocal echoing raw passion and heartfelt lyrics throughout the intimate venue.

Anne quickly rose to fame after releasing a YouTube video back in 2013 covering Robin S’ ‘Show Me Love’, which was then picked up by Dutch DJ Sam Feldts – resulting in the track climbing to number four in the charts. Before playing an acoustic rendition of the club classic Kimberly explains that she didn’t expect anything to come of the track until she heard it on the radio. Continuing her whimsical sense of humour: “I wasn’t too fussed about my name being on it then it was on the radio and I was like yeah put my name on it!”

Crowd participation played a large part in both Kimberly’s and the support acts, Liam McClare and Anna Pancaldi, performances as a nervous crowd was encouraged out of their shells, resulting in lively dances throughout the venue as the hard to resist positive atmosphere consumed the crowd to thoroughly enjoy the night overall.

Speaking to Kimberly a few weeks back, she mentioned that we can expect a range of different sounds in her live performances. Staying true to her word, although no signs of any Ikea tables, Anne is accompanied with a drum kit and xylophone which she explains has travelled from Africa, also remarking “it’s more exotic than me”. This paired with a loop pedal created the African and Brazilian rhythm percussion that she explained when we spoke, evidencing her description of her sound as “acoustic pop married to indie whilst having an obsessive love affair with African and Brazilian rhythms”.

Revealing details of an upcoming album due for release in 2016, fans were treated to glimpses of tracks from the album. With tracks like ‘Lala’ bringing the crowd participation to high echoing a harmonic chanting of backing vocals, also showed a different style of song writing from the Londoner as the tempo and delivery of the verses were faster and managed to get people up and dancing. Anne was also able to conduct the crowd into a manual fade out of the track by bringing them to a whisper. However tracks as ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Liar’ deliver the emotional sucker-punch, emancipating the audience in the sheer brilliance of Kimberly’s powerful vocals.

Bringing the show to a close and continuing the down-to-earth tongue-in-check characteristics of her natural self, Anne explains to the crowd “I’m going to do that fake encore thing. I’m just going to bob down and then come back again because it’s quite small up here”. Finishing with hit track ‘Bury It There” culminating in a booming drum solo with the simple addition of a basic whistle, creating a lasting impression on the crowd after a night of charming comedy and beautiful sounds. Kimberly Anne’s Headline tour is definitely one to watch.




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