Salford Suffers Power Cut and More Could Follow


Large areas of the central Salford area have been affected by a power cut, and more may be to follow claims Electricity North-West.

A power supply fault was reported in just after 11:25am yesterday as areas in Salford suffered from a sudden loss of power, causing technical faults throughout the city.

More than nineteen thousand people and businesses have been affected, including shops within the Salford precinct, resulting in queues of up to an hour.

Electricity Northwest, the suppliers responsible for the maintenance of the electricity distribution for Salford,have revealed that the incident was due to an open cable somewhere along the lines, resulting in the city being without power for a short amount of time.

A spokesperson for the company said “The power shortage was due to transient fault, and there is no way of knowing when this will happen again” However, Electricity North West have warned that there is a high possibility of another power cut, saying: “If this does happen again, it will be for at least a few hours whilst we try to fix the problem”

Paul Robinson, A University of Salford student, was taking a shower when the power cut hit “I thought I’d gone blind.” He says “There are no windows in my bathroom and I thought I was going to slip over as the lights went out leaving me in complete darkness”

Nathan Salt, 20, of Seedley Park Road, said “I was walking to university this morning and there were streets of alarms going off, I didn’t know what to do, I thought someone was being robbed”

If you have are in an emergency due to a power-cut related incident than you can call Electricity Northwest at: 0800 195 4141


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