REVIEW: Puppet Rebellion at AATMA, Manchester


AS Manchester indie-rock band Puppet Rebellion prepare for a slot at Kendal Calling, a quick stop to AATMA in the city’s Northern Quarter on Saturday (July 30) evening was the perfect preparation as the the crowd bared witness to a night of pure indie bliss…

With one of the biggest festivals on the horizon, how does a young and upcoming band prepare for what is possibly one of the biggest gigs of their lives?

Well, a small exclusive set in the backstreets of Manchester is the answer for Puppet Rebellion as preparations showed no signs of doubt or worry.

Puppet Rebellion take to Manchester’s AATMA

Kickstarting the evening with new track ‘The Pact’, one which frontman Oliver Davies confessed is a personal favourite, the secluded yet packed out AATMA wasted no time in showing their love and appreciation for the indie five-piece, as guitars thrashed away causing the crowd to becoming instantly animated and raucous.

In a previous interview with the band, frontman Davies was a fresh new addition as drummer Danny Moss and bassist James Halliwell said the vocalist brought new ideas and a new direction.

Seeing Puppet Rebellion up on stage, a combination of all out indie-rock mixed with the heartfelt delivery of Davies’ lyrics culminates in an overall special performance; things are definitely paying off since Davies was brought in.

Progressing into tracks such as ‘Watch Me Fall‘ and ‘Claim to Fame‘, it seems they can do no wrong.

With Davies entering the floor amidst the crowd and lead guitarist Craig Gibson developing his own following on his corner of the stage, AATMA lapped-up all that Puppet Rebellion had to offer.

As ‘Claim to Fame‘ concluded, Davies asked the crowd: “Manchester, are you ready to rock?”

A question which lead many to think, “if we’re just getting to the rock now, what the hell would you call the tracks before?”

This is where new track ‘Fragments‘ became the highlight of the night as it truly propelled the spirit of the crowd to new, loftier heights, with a contagious sound infecting the entire venue with pure indie adrenaline.

As the night draws to an end with the title track of the bands third EP ‘Life is in Your Hands‘ and favourite ‘Greatest Lie‘ is played, a sense that Puppet Rebellion could continue all night is one the adrenaline-fuelled AATMA would certainly revel in.

Unfortunately, there is a 23:30 curfew and as final track ‘Please Me‘ is met with thunderous applause for a solid couple of minutes, a night of pure indie bliss comes to an end.

With Puppet Rebellion revved up courtesy of Manchester’s unrepentant energy, the band are more than ready to hit Kendal Calling.

By Nathan Smith


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