Student Burgled After 3 Hours of Moving In


Moving into a shared house whilst at university is common amongst most students. After the nerves of making friends in first year and second years, third year is usually the time were studies become intensely difficult, but at least there is the comfort you have your own place.

Unfortunately, over the last months, student residents of the Salford university surrounding area have witness a total of five burglaries over the last month. With many being targeted whilst residents are away from the property.

21-year-old Salford university student Connor, who wishes for his surname to remain unknown, fell victim to the burglaries after moving into his new home for just three hours.

“I’d only just moved in” says Connor, “me and my housemates decided to go out for a drink to celebrate, we’d only been out of the house for about an hour and a half and when we got back we found all our stuff had gone”.

Returning from an event at the student union, the first signs of disaster began to show as the doors had been severely damaged in an attempt of forced entry, as well as a car belonging to another housemate was missing.

Connor claims that over £15,000 worth of items, including photography and technical equipment, were taken from the property at around 1:00am on September 23. In addition, a car was stolen

“I never thought it would happen to us, it wasn’t because our arrogance or anything, there was a big event at the Student Union so I think they knew that student’s would be out, I think we were watched unloading our stuff”

As a student of the media industry, the devastation of items taken lays deeper than the products themselves being stolen. Connor explains that over five years’ worth of video footage was taken, and as a result has fallen behind with his studies.

“I’m, not able to work at university because I’m trying to catch up and for my course I have a lot of high value equipment, I can’t afford to take the risk of living there anymore”.

Despite the horrendous ordeal Connor and his housemates have witnessed, he says he is not one to let such an act hinder his progress moving forward. Following the incident, Connor has since decided to vacate the premises, saying he simply “doesn’t feel safe anymore”.

“I’ve found a new place now” says Connor with a smile, “it’s an apartment that you need a fob to enter and is above ground so no-one can enter through a window, I just couldn’t live in that house anymore, it’s just doesn’t feel safe”.

A local landlord who has properties within gave the following advice: “If students have individual doors with locks on, they must lock them. You have to be extra careful. It is essential all people who come to university get contents insurance. Students should be 100% vigilant of doors being locked at all times”

The landlord also advised students to ensure they are fully insured, adding “It is essential for all people who come to university to get content insurance. Students can add themselves to their parents’ home insurance.”


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