What’s Happening To Manchester’s Music Scene?

Manchester Music Scene

Manchester Music Scene

AS our three-piece feature series comes to its conclusion we visit three issue of a community which has flourished over the years. With Manchester leading the industrial revolution the city then grew another namesake as the music capital of the world. Homing some of the best bands to emerge from the country including Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, to name a few.

Manchester Hacienda

Manchester Hacienda

With the closure of the famous Hacienda and more recently Sankeys, it has become apparent that the famous Manchester music scene faces a danger as it struggles to keep up with the times. As the general election looms ever closer, communities throughout the country face such dangers as budget cuts continue to cause closures throughout the UK.

Puppet Rebellion are an up and coming band raised in Manchester, who recently appeared on BBC Introducing show. I spoke with lead singer Oliver Davies who recollected childhood memories of witnessing music in Manchester. “I think it’s a great place to be in a band” he says through a wide smile, “and I think we’re extremely lucky to be based in a city where there’s so many great venues and opportunities to gig”.

It’s something that bands across the country share the same heightened opinion of. Zak Rashid, a fellow BBC introducing act is the lead vocalist of Mint. The Grimsby indie rockers have played several shows in Manchester.

Speaking on the presence of the music scene Rashid says “I feel Manchester bands have a reputation, so when you play in Manchester you kind of feel like you are adhering to this big community, it’s cool. Especially coming from somewhere shit, like Grimsby. “

When asked if the Manchester music scene was dead however, the Mint man was less positive adding “I think it is dying because it’s not the 90s anymore”.

Joe Stephenson, Desparity By Design

Joe Stephenson, Desparity By Design


Polarizing Rashid’s opinion is Disparity by Despair front man Joe Stephenson. “I don’t think it’s dead, I think it’s very much alive” he says. “It’s just gone underground into the smaller little bars that you wouldn’t normally know about unless you was going to see somebody”.

Speaking to the three upcoming musicians it is clear the strong presence of the music scene is divided. Gone are the Smith or Oasis days and in their place are the small indie bars hosting bands with big dreams.

What do you think? Is the Manchester music scene dead? Let us know in the comments below!


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