9 Hidden Jokes you missed in Peter Kay’s Car Share Finale…

Photo Credit: BBC iPlayer

Peter Kay’s Care Share returned to BBC One last night with an emotional and hilarious final episode. After fans where left amazed, humoured, and confused by what many believed to be the end of John and Kayleigh’s car sharing adventurous which ended in May last year, we have all been treated to an unscripted episode, as well as last night’s finale.

Bringing the series of the Care Share buddies to an end, we saw all of what we have come to love over the past two series. With a simple set-up, the two work partners are brought closer together as they drive to and from work. They talk about everything from work colleagues to dogging with hilarious outcomes, however some of the more subtle humour comes from the transition shots which are of various parts around Manchester.

Here are nine ‘hidden’ jokes you missed…

1. My Big Fat Undateable Bake-Off

The first on the list is a not-so-subtle advertisement for what may possibly be the best crossover in TV history. The poster shows a mash-up of ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’, The Undateables’ and ‘The Great British Bake Off’ alongside a picture of a nun, two guys, and a cake. Eagle eyed viewers will also notice the caption reads ‘Any fancy a raspberry ripple?’.Β  Kay is no stranger to mocking TV shows, as many will remember Geraldine McQueen winning ‘Britain’s Got the Pop Factor… and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice’. A future project perhaps?

2. Lost Boys

A very small and subtle one here but blink and you’ll miss a small poster for 1987’s American horror Comedy classic, The Lost Boys. A play on words of the boys being lost also sees an undisclosed reward for the finding of the lads. So if anyone sees them, give Kay a shout, would you?

3. Jean-Claude Van Man

If anyone has ever lived in or around the Bolton or Salford areas, or many local communities around the UK for that matter, than a local ‘man with a van’ cleverly advertising his business on his van is nothing new. Jean-Clause Van Man is no exception, as he borrows from food supermarket’s Iceland’s colour scheme alongside a hilarious pun…

4. Dogging

Another blink and you’ll miss it gag is also a little easter egg to one of the series most stand-out moments. In series 1, episode 2, John and Kayleigh have a misunderstanding over the term ‘Dogging’. IN the series finale, we see a sign warning those that the activity is not permitted, assisted with an image just to make sure you know what exactly is not permitted.

5. Buy 3 for the price of 3!

Just before Kayleigh ‘treats’ John to a muffin and a hot beverage. the establishing shot seemingly shows us a run-of-the-mill drive thru. Look a bit closer and you’ll see a rather amazing deal of three drinks for the price of three, get them while they’re hot!

6. Louder Than Your Bird

Often sported from hilarious and absolute ‘geezers’ the world over, a traffic jam wouldn’t be the same without a funny bumper sticker somewhere. Pause the show at the right moment and you will see just above an exhaust pipe reading ‘louder than your bird last night’. To be honest, if an exhaust fume is that loud, you need your car fixing mate…

7. Manchester City

If anyone ever wanted to unite a city, this is how you do it. Manchester is known for many things, and is especially proud of it’s two world famous football teams. How to insult a manc though? Replace part of Manchester United’s ground title with ‘City’ and watch both sets of fans fail to accept association from the other. Scathing!

8. Don’t Be a Cockerel

There have been many successful driving campaigns delivered over recent times. You will be forgiven not recognising this farm-animal themed one though. In one of the final transition shots of the series, you’ll see a sign that reads simply ‘don’t drive like a’ and a picture of a cockerel. You use your imagination as to what is being said here.

9. Ken’s Meat

Last but not least, there’s Ken’s meats. As the pair drive off into the sunset, we see one last poster hidden in plain sight. Pause the show at the right moment and get out your reading glasses, and you’ll see the slogan’ give your mouth a treat, try some of Ken’s meat’.

And that’s the list, is there any we missed? What did you make of the Care Share finale?

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By Nathan Smith


One response to “9 Hidden Jokes you missed in Peter Kay’s Car Share Finale…

  1. I saw most of these as they where pretty obvious but didn’t even think to look for the bus one! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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