Two Men Arrested in Derby High Street Over Britain First Protest



A Muslim man and the leader of ‘Britain First’ were arrested in Derby high street under the suspicion of assault after protest march sparks public anger.

At around 2:15pm today a large group of ‘Britain First’ members marched through the high street bearing British flags in a stance against Muslim extremists.

Due to public anger the police were forced to create a human barrier between the two sides as the protest stated their views, one female ripping up a leaflet as it was handed to her stating, “This is what we think of you”.

A member of the march was approached and what the march was replying, ”This is Britain First”. He was then asked again about the nature of the march to which he replied “Look it up online”.

An onlooker to the events, said “This protest is inciting hatred to discriminate a minority, there are people here today who are feminists, on international day for women, and LGBT representatives and there is hate crimes against them from such right-wing people. They are easily stirred up by these organizations.”

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