Whatever happened to Nickelback?

Have you ever thought to yourself, what happened to Nickelback? They first came out with ‘How You Remind Me’ and then did that song for the Spiderman film and then had the WWE Smackdown theme and just disappeared. Well, you’re in luck because they’re back, or maybe not so lucky as it seems.

Nickelback represent a phase were the likes of  Green Day and Blink-182 believe it or not, were cool bands and parents didn’t quite get why we suddenly all wanted a pair of converse or a skateboard. How times have changed.

Nowadays, 2015 is a very VERY different story for these once rockers. The video for ‘She Keeps Me Up’ shows a whole new side to the band then we’ve ever seen, and not for the better. If there’s ever a sign that the rock has left, its the thrown-in-your-face disco theme, rock being pushed even further away with disco ball covered instruments. Not to mention a slick back hair-cut from Chad Kroeger, which is way too short and looks likes he’s just discovered the quiff for the first time. Making things worse is the shades, and the finger wagging. Yes, a finger wagging.

For a long time now fans and critics have been claiming that all there songs sound the same, and it seems to be apparent in the music itself that this has been majorly considered.  Now with the disco balls, mirrors and a stereotypical ‘funk-man’ featuring in the video you can’t help but feel like you’re watching Nickelback do a Daft Punk Impression and the ridiculously shiny guitars, suits, and roller blades, really do not help the case. The song itself has a ‘Get lucky’ vibe to it with the funky riff and drum beat, and robotic voices but fails to achieve any kind of essence of a catchy song as the lyrics just seem to make no sense as ‘coca-cola roller coaster’ and’ funky little monkey’  just seems to be forced in an attempt to try and get into your head.

‘She Keeps Me Up’ is taken from their eighth album named ‘No Fixed Address’ which is available now. The album itself does not bare any hope of old 2004 Nickelback as tracks like ‘The Hammer’s Coming Down’ feels like a post Transformers- Linkin Park tune and ‘Got Me Runnin’ Round’ features Flo Rida, FLO RIDA.

Overall a totally new sound from Nickelback in the form of a Daft Punk funk style but if you’re expecting anything like ‘Animals’ or ‘Burn it to the ground’ you are so very out of luck.

What happened to Nickelback? Good question.


4 responses to “Whatever happened to Nickelback?

  1. You’re an idiot! His hair is NOT too short! There’s nothing so bad wirh this song….is it my favorite of theirs….no. I don’t understand why you are bashing them!!!! Who peed in your cheerios?!!!?


    • I’m sorry but I used to listen Nickelback since their very beginning and I can say they’ve changed a lot. They changed to worse. This isn’t Nickelback I used to listen long ago. Too bad because they had a great potential and they decided to waste it on shitty songs.


  2. This song is the worst. They should be charged with domestic terrorism and be sent to GITMO without a possibility of parole. Just a bag full of suck!


  3. Omg my ears!!! this isn’t Nickelback I just had a flashback to 70’s disco music!!! Damn what a waste of great talent. Hey anyone want some old Nickelback CD’s well sell real cheap …….oh wait they aren’t worth anything now ….. I should probably pay you to take them off my hands….HAHAHAHA


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