Muse Release ‘Psycho’ Lyric Video

With Muse’s upcoming seventh album ‘Drones’ due for release on the 8th June, the lyric video for ‘Psycho‘ is the first glimpse that fans have seen.

This is the first we have seen of Muse since ‘The 2nd Law‘ was released in 2012, and they seem to have had no problem picking up were they left off.

The track begins with, and is heavily driven by, drums and heavy guitar riffs,and generally packs more of a punch compared to previous tracks with the lyrics “you’re ass belongs to me now” and “a fucking psycho“. There’s also a crazy army general shouting orders at a soldier, just to inject a bit off extra rock to the feel of the track.

Looking at the track list of ‘Drones‘ and the video for ‘Psycho’ Muse seem to have adapted a more aggressive and somewhat disturbed tone for this album. The yet to be released album has tracks named ‘Dead Inside‘ ‘Mercy‘ and ‘Reapers‘ which all sort of have a crazy, psychotic feel to them, which is disturbing, but if they’re anything like ‘Psycho‘ a more heavy Muse is what we’re getting, and they’ve pulled it off brilliantly.

Matt Bellamy’s usual range of pitch with his vocals are what really helps this darker, hard-hitting rock tune achieve its tone. The low pitch used in the verse’s added with the electronic voice offering backing adds contrast to the high-pitch chorus “Fucking Psycho” which seems to merge with the guitars played perfectly, leading into a head-banging guitar fill.

Overall a darker and more aggressive Muse then we saw in 2012’s ‘The 2nd Law’  but is a positive move forward for the English rockers. ‘Drones‘ is available from the 8th June and the first official track ‘Dead Inside’ will be released on the 23rd March.


3 responses to “Muse Release ‘Psycho’ Lyric Video

  1. The aggressive sound surprised me. I haven’t heard much Muse, but what I did put them somewhere in the artrock/britpop of Radiohead-Oasis-Coldplay. This track reminds me of Marilyn Manson’s new album, although Muse don’t have his originality. I heard those anti-war lyrics already, and the Full Metal Jacket references have been done before, too. The song is still pretty kickin’.

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