Outrage on Twitter over ‘racist’ Mr. Khan Red Nose Day 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 20.37.07

Outrage on Twitter over ‘unfunny’ and ‘racist’ comedian Mr. khan live on Red Nose Day.

During the live show host Davina McCall interacted in a relatively unknown comedian attempting to be funny live on Red Nose Day currently being aired on BBC One.

Mr khan everybody’s ‘favourite community leader’ made jokes mocking Pakastani houses relating them similar to ‘Big Brother’ which McCall famously presented on channel 4 before the program moved to channel 5. when relating to big brother he said he was a big fan of big brother followed by “17 people all crammed into one house being spied on by secret cameras, it sounds like half the houses down my street!”

He also made jokes about Pakistani taxi drivers, and deliberately pronounced ‘Davina’ wrong several times, and changed the traditional red nose to a Pakistani green nose,  in a cringe attempt at being funny.

Khan also said “Only one brown person on tv at one time, just ask Lenny Henry!” which was met with rather awkward laughter.



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