Andy Jordan Live @ Gorilla Review


You may know Andy Jordan from E4’s reality TV show ‘Made In Chelsea’ but now it seems the ‘MIC’ star has transitioned into the world of music by touring intimate venues around the UK. I attended his performance at Gorilla, Manchester, to see just how the transition has been pulled off.

Walking into a dimly lit room you notice a quint set-up of a drums, keyboard, and guitars for Andy’s band in which only tambourines and such percussion instruments are added later on. Warm-up acts Vynce and Azu Yeche got the night started with good performances including an impressive cover of TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ coming from Azu Yeche.

On Made In Chelsea, Andy seems a genuinely nice guy with a chilled and relaxed attitude, this is immediately noticeable within his music as they have a feel-good vibe to them, there’s no hard-hitting rock but for the intimate dimly lit atmosphere of Gorilla this is not needed as it’s all Andy-Jordan relaxed, leaving the crowd in a less mosh pit, more swaying motion.


Andy Jordan live @ Gorilla

Jordan first appears on stage whilst his band play the intro to ‘A Whole Lot of Water’ as he comes dancing onto the stage in a gorilla puppet like motion, if you can imagine it? This seemed fitting as the intro to the song was changed for the performance and seemed to support a Caribbean sound with the help of an added bongo drum and a new effect to the guitar. This was a clever move musically as it energised the crowd and really got them excited for the show to begin.

It could be argued that he does not have enough songs to even go on tour with as ‘Geography’ and ‘Whole Lot of Water’ seem to be the only relatively well-known tracks that he has done with the addition of a few cover tracks online, however he surprised fans with new material which were met with positive response including an exclusive melody rendition of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ and Macklemore’s ‘Cant Hold Us’ showing that he can rap and sing in one versatile and rather clever song.

IMG_2594The two-standout songs were probably his most well known songs ‘Whole lot of Water’ and the title of the EP, Geography. These were met with the biggest approval from the crowd, as they knew these songs. For ‘Man I Don’t Believe’ Andy removed his denim shirt to sport a tee from his merchandise store exciting the crowd with a new song and a now less-clothed Andy Jordan. Other tracks such as ‘Seasons Goodbye’ changed the atmosphere from the upbeat introduction of his opening track ‘Whole Lot of Water’ to a far more emotionally deeper mood to his already intimate gig.

For some reason the set-list did not place Geography at the end which would have been a safe move for Jordan as this is his biggest song, however instead he chose to go for an unknown song which seemed to leave fans thinking more was to come, then the performance came to a sudden end.  This happened also in places throughout the performance as sometimes the crowd found themselves mumbling through some tracks and just seemed to be waiting for ones they knew, but the performance of the songs themselves were brilliant and ‘On My Own’ and ‘We Don’t Care’ were also well-performed with hearty sing-along choruses interacting well with the Gorilla crowd.

Overall it was a really good performance from the Made in Chelsea star and the transition seems to have been a flawless one, as Andy Jordan seems to be a born performer. It was a brave move to decide to not finish with Geography as this left the crowd unsure in moments however the quality of the songs was high. Unlike most people trying their hand at music Andy actually has the talent to write, and most importantly perform decent music.

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