The Latest Fresh Music

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Music is always changing, but what’s stuck in my head at the moment? A lot of new stuff, actually…

First on this list is the new Frank Turner track ‘Get Better’. It’s been nearly two years since ‘Tape Deck Heart’ was released (which features in my Top Totally Perfect Albums list) and with this new upbeat track out, hints at a possible new album are on the horizon. I first heard ‘Get Better’ about 3 weeks ago when it was released on Youtube and it has been stuck in my head ever since. It follows the theme of getting better and moving on and seems like a fitting graduation from the general tone of the previous album. Turner has also been busy with the launch of his new book  as well as announcing a tour of Australia and New Zealand, proving he’s Not Dead Yet.

Next on my mind is George Ezra. This guy has been around for a while now but I’ve been a bit of a Slowpoke in giving him a listen but I finally got round to it after being part of a panel reviewing this years Parklife lineup for QuaysNewsOnline. ‘Listen to the Man’ stuck out like a sore thumb as a stand-out track, not to mention the official video features Sir Ian McKellen, which is just adorable, he’s like a lovable Granddad, you should watch it, it’s brilliant. Ezra’s debut album ‘Wanted On Voyage’ was released last year I believe and has includes hit tracks like ‘Budapest’ and ‘Blame It On Me’.

Have you heard the  new Maccabees track ‘Marks To Prove It’ yet? No? You’re missing out, because it’s awesome. It’s the first track to be released for there upcoming album and it’s upbeat, catchy and still maintains the usual Maccabees sound. The band recently announced they are playing at Reading and Leeds fest this year and the chanty chorus hints that this was in mind as it has the festival feel. The staccato guitar driven sound also maintains the upbeat feel and is the total opposite of famous Maccabees songs like ‘Toothpaste Kisses’ and ‘First Love’. I may be able to review there upcoming performance in Manchester at the Ritz, so come back for that around May the 13th!

New music left right and centre as The Vaccines released ‘Dream Lover’ last week, with a video that is out of this world. That is, there in a spaceship thats reminiscent of The Darkness’ ‘I Believe In a Thing Called Love’ video as the Vaccines are slowly killed of after boarding an alien ship, and Justin Young’s ridiculously bad shooting at a floating eyeball somehow saves the day, ish. Confusing video aside the elongated ‘Dream Lover’ of the chorus sticks like glue in the head in a way that only the Vaccines know how. New album ‘English Graffiti’ out 25th May.

Last on the list is the new Wombats track. I’ve not heard anything from the Wombats in a while, mostly because it seems I’ve been under a rock apparently and my iPods been broke but the new track ‘Just Give Me a Try’ however, is exactly how I remember them. Distinctively recognisable sound with the London accent used in an upbeat electronic chorus fusioned with electric guitar driven verses. This track could’ve easily been on the last album ‘This Modern Glitch’, as it’s just as good.

What do you think? Like these tracks? What songs are stuck in your head at the minute?


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