Batman V Superman Official Trailer Released!

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The First trailer for 2016’s match up between The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel is finally here!

The aftermath of the events in Man of Steel seem to be a main theme within this trailer and will probably play a major part of the tonality of this movie. A voice which to me  sounds like a really good Heath Ledger impression says :

“Is it really surprising, that the most powerful man in the world, should be a figure of controversy. “

It is not known yet who is saying this but it clarifies a clash of two ideals at play here, is Superman to be trusted? He is a powerful alien who so far has caused nothing but destruction to Metropolis but has proven to the military that he can do good.

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Here we have the first shot of the trailer which shows a newly rebuilt city. It can be safe to assume that this is Metropolis, the home of Superman, as the outline of a statue can be seen. The fact that it has been rebuilt suggests maybe a considerable amount of time has passed since Man of Steel as there was not much left of the city after the final battle with General Zod.

The narration then goes into a collection of different voices all converging on the theme of Superman’s morality, is he good or bad? I think this can be one of two things, one being that its simply a montage of news broadcasts, or it could be the super-hearing at play and Superman is listening to all these voices as he floats above the sky, like we’ve seen him do in past films like the god-awful Superman Returns.

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Next we see the typical cliche action sequences and of course, Superman doing what he does saving the day my catching something really big and heavy, and in this shot, it looks like a spaceship…. This is probably here to give the idea that Superman is in fact doing good, despite all the hate coming from the narration.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.25.21 Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.26.07


Another idea that is shown in this trailer and probably will be a theme throughout the film is the idea of Superman being a god like figure. This is something that is constantly shown throughout the comics as the main drive of motivation for super-villain Lex Luther. Jesse Eisenberg will play the arch nemesis in the film and his voice can be heard briefly during the montage of voices mentioned previously. In the shots above you can see the statue has fallen victim of some minor graffiti to show believers of those against the Man of Steel, but the idea that a statue has even been built suggests  the hate has come more recently and before it Superman was once praised?. This could be an effect of Lex Luther swindling his ideas onto the public and bring them to his way of thinking, eventually leading Batman to follow those same suspicions?

In another clip from above you see armed men bowing in what looks like and underground bunker. They seem to be bearing the famous superman logo (It’s an S) showing some sort of following. It personally reminds me of the Young Justice cartoon were Superboy receives patches from Lex Luther to enable him to gain the full powers of Superman, but I doubt that will be the case here. Unless this secret underground bunker is a secret project run off the DNA of the corpse of General Zod? But I’m thinking out loud on that one. It is clear that this ‘God-like’ persona is at play here and will really be questioned in this movie.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.26.26


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The next clips introduce Batman to the trailer and opinion is divided on this one. Die-hard fanboys have seen the costume for a while now and already know of how bulky it is compared to past versions like seen in the Nolan trilogy. Some like the new look, some don’t, it’s certainly a new look for Batman and the first to go for the more comic book look of a grey Batsuit. This is a Batman outside of this continuity as this is now a the start of a new universe. It should also be known that these movies happen outside of tv series like The Flash and Green Arrow and are in separate universes.

That being said, the above image shows an older Bruce Wayne than we’ve seen before looking up at the Batsuit. Batman V Superman has taken a similar approach to that of the The Dark Night Returns comics in a gritty, dark and aggressive approach. In those comics he has retired from being Batman for a while and when the world needs him again he then returns to the cape and cowel once more. This could have happened over the course of Metropolis being rebuilt as I mentioned earlier.

The next clip is of particular interest to me as it shows Batman in the distance looking up whilst lighting is clearly above him. One thing that I noticed is the Riddler question mark graffiti in the lower left corner. As I mentioned this is the first movie to start the cinematic universe and Batman has already fought a catalogue of villains. Underneath there is also a “Grootie” which I think is a little gag at Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but that’s just me looking again probably.

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 11.27.16

The final shot of the trailer is of a battle about to take place between Bats and Supes. This time Batman seems to be wearing some sort of armour similar to The Dark Knight Returns in which he battles Superman down Crime Alley, were his parents were famously murdered. This suit can take a beating from Superman and is one of the most epic fights in comic book history and will hopefully be given justice on screen. Batman then says “Tell me, do you bleed?……You will” in what I think to be a pretty good Batman voice. Better than Christian Bales really bad throat cancer sound that has spiralled a gazillion of parodies.

One thing we didn’t see in this trailer is any images of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, or any other characters which have been revealed or rumoured to be in this film. This leads me to think that perhaps they will feature in cameos or they are saving them for a bigger entrance, time will tell, either way I am so excited for this film and will be following details as closely as I can!

So that’s what I think, but what do you think? What did you see or make of the trailer? Tell me in the comments below!


6 responses to “Batman V Superman Official Trailer Released!

      • Potentially! DC have really needed to start branching out in flims like Marvel has done: Avengers, Spiderman(partially Sony mind you) and the collection of X-Men films. I think if they pull this off it could be a massive box office and rake in millions potentially funding other DC films (holding out for an Aquaman or Flash film!)


  1. I think this movie alone will rake in millions regardless of how good it is! It’s the first screening of probably the two biggest superheroes ever, people are going to just want to see this! Although Deadpool coming out soon…..


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