Frank Turner Announces Upcoming EP Plus New Music Video


Frank Turner reveals upcoming music video for hit track ‘Mittens’ plus a four track EP is on the horizon…

2015 has been a successful year for Frank Turner. Last speaking to the south-London folk singer-songwriter in August, the sixth installment in his album catalogue, ‘Positive Songs For Negative People’ had just hit the shelves. Since then, with the assistance of the Sleeping Souls, Skinny Lister and Will Varley, Turner and co. have performed a total of 177 shows over the course of 2015 so far.

With four more shows still left to go, Frank says he is looking forward to relaxing after a hard-hitting tour being spread across the UK and America since the release of PSFNP.

“I’m not quite at the finish line yet! But I am looking forward to getting home, this year has been a long one, especially since the album came out.”

Looking back over a successful 2015, Turner says he is pleased with the success of the new album, which peaked at number two in the Official Album Charts, adding: “Marking 10 years of being a solo artist is cool as well. It’s a mixed feeling for me in some ways. I’m keen not to slip into heritage territory just yet.”

Showing no signs of slowing down, Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls recently announced they will be playing at Belgium’s Groetzrock festival, however he keeps a tight lip regarding any possible English festivals such as Leeds and Reading or Glastonbury.

He does however reveal: “We have a video for Mittens coming out very soon!”

In addition to track six of PSFNP given a visual aid, Turner also adds: “We have an EP with four new songs coming out early next year”.

Details of the EP are deadlock sealed, however Quays News can reveal they will all be taken from the PSFNP sessions, following the success of the recent album. A lyric video for the track was released back in July of this year.

In light of the avalanche of new material released by Turner in the past four months, he confesses a self-imposed hiatus has been placed from writing new material.

“I write reasonably constantly, and if I feel like playing something new at a show I will,” says Turner. “That said, I’m in the middle of a break from writing. I want to clear my head and think about what I do next, rather than just rolling into it.”

Any follower on any of Frank’s social media will know that he keeps a total of how many gigs he performs, standing at a grand total of 1805 shows so far.

“I don’t really do New Years resolutions,” he admits. “I like looking back over a year and seeing what I’ve done, It gives me scope to think about the next year.”

A major component of the live shows, which have reached every corner of the UK, is the addition of Frank’s backing band, the Sleeping Souls. Speaking back in August, he said that that the addition of the assisting four-piece was ‘when and where possible’.

Now following the singer-songwriter every step of the way on the UK and America Tour, Turner admits: “They’re the beating heart of the live show. We lose money in some places,we make it back in others, but I’m not in this for the money.”

Following the catalogue of live shows, Turner’s team show no signs of worry or doubt in the face of taking the show overseas: “It’s a rock’n’roll show for people who want to enjoy live music, there’s more in common than anything else.”

That said, the punk-folk south-Londoner confesses a slight preference over the English soil.

“English crowds are larger and have longer loyalties for me, I can pull anything out of the hat, and people will sing along, which is an amazing thing.”

Anyone wanting to join the Frank Turner on tour you can expect to find them in the only place he ever could be, his natural habitat, that is out on the road. As he is now scheduled with performances right through to 2017.


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