Iggy Pop Says Next Album ‘Post Pop Depression’ Could Be His Last


THE STOOGES front man and rock icon, Iggy pop, has revealed in a recent interview that his upcoming album ‘Post Pop Depression’ could be his last. Speaking to Beat 1’s Matt Wilkinson, he said “I feel like I’m closing up after this’.

To really make a real album you really have to put everything into it and the energy’s more limited now.


The latest album will be Pop’s 16th installment to his impressive catalogue of hits as he edges towards his 69th birthday in April. ‘Post Pop Depression’  features collaborations with Queens Of The Stone Age front man Josh Homme and Arctic Monkey’s drummer Matt Helder’s.

recorded in secret, the album is due for a March 18 release date and was recently announced that Iggy will be performing at various select venues with band mate Josh Homme adding ” “small, beautiful theaters where their presence might still seem disruptive.”

Despite the new album being over a month away, fans can enjoy a sneak peak of the new album in the form of ‘Gardenia’ which was launched in January. Iggy POp also revealed ‘Break INto Your Heart’ which can can be heard below.

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