Jason Donovan Plays Greatest Hits Tour At Salford’s Lowry


TAKING the charts by storm in the 80s, pop legend Jason Donovan took to the Lowry theatre last night as part of his greatest hits tour…

Breaking into stardom in 1986, playing the role of Scott Robinson in the hit TV series Neighbours, Donovan probably never thought that in 2016 he’d be playing his greatest hits tour in Salford. Following the world having a global fascination relationship with on and off screen partner Kylie Minogue, the Australian heart throb continued his charming ways with his loyal fans, proving he’s still got it.

Armed with a cheeky smile and sporting a sparkly black jacket, the immediately recognisable sound of 1989’s ‘When You Come Back to Me’ got the Lowry on its feet, to which they remained until the end of the show. The choice of the glittery attire feels as though a self mockery of the clothes he may have worn back when his music was storming the charts, however his charisma and interaction with the crowd indicates a more if I can still wear it I will mentality.

Despite not releasing new music these days, fans can hear Donovan on Heart radio for his weekly 80s themed show. Revealing a few home truths regarding the show in fact not being strictly live, through recordings on his mobile phone, he played outtakes from the show to the crowd. Through the booming speakers which echoed throughout the venue, Donovan explains that keen listeners can in fact hear him farting, continually.

As the theatre erupts with laughter, with one or two audience members uttering the odd ‘I told you so’ to their friends, an acoustic rendition of ‘Any Dream Will Do’, taken from Donovans stint as Joseph in the hit west end musical ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat.’ Halfway through the hit musical track, members of the crowd lit up the theatre with torched from the phones as harmonious ‘ah ah ahhhs’ coincide with the light-hearted track.

Following a short interval, the Australian returns sporting a full white suit, again if he can, he will. Usually in a show, the bigger tracks are played in the second half for high impact finish. However Jason proves to outdo himself, as rather than outshining the first half, the night feels like a continuation of constant hit after hit, as each track ascends to a higher level then its predecesor.

With emotional heartfelt classics such as ‘Especially For You’ and ‘With Love To Guide Us’, maintaining the Lowry being up and on its feet, singing along to every word as not one disgruntled face was to be seen.

In a strange choice of set list, arguably the biggest track to date which Donovan has released is ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’. Catapulting the Australian heart throb to every teenage girl’s bedroom wall across the world, easily saw the biggest round of applause from the crowd. However, it did seem to leave a few wondering what would he finish with if this isn’t his last?

The questions were soon answered after leaving the stage and then being demanded back in the form a triumphant encore, ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’ was re-played as the Lowry rushed to the front for a chance to reach out and grab Jason as he brings the night to an end and swiftly exits left.

By Nathan Smith


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