Rivington biker group give hot water bottles to care home in Horwich

Originally for the Bolton News

A BIKER group from Rivington have donated over £350 worth of hot water bottles to residents of a care home in Horwich.

The Rivi Barn Biker Group, Rivington, have clubbed together to collect and donate hot water bottles and thermal socks to Brownlow Court residents in Horwich — enough for every resident to have one.

It is the third year running the group have donated to the elderly, with this year marking one of coldest donation trips to date, meaning the group arrived without their two-wheels due to weather conditions.

She added: “We just thought that because everyone usually donates to kids over Christmas, let’s do something for the elderly.”

Donating items to assist the elderly in the colder months of the years has brought those surrounding the group and care homes closer together, said Susan.

“Members of the group have been collecting hot water bottles from themselves and other people have been coming up to them saying they’d like to help. It’s nice to see everyone coming together and helping out.”

As the donations is a passion of Susan and the rest of the group, it’s clear that the noble gesture has an impact on the people affected.

“I just feel the elderly often get overlooked” said Susan, “One lady we went to see was freezing cold, but she told us she turned her heating up when her family visited so they wouldn’t think she was in any bother.”

“It’s just nice to help them. They are not told we are coming, so it’s good to see them just out of the blue and let them know that people are thinking about them.”

As the event marks the a successful third year for the group, Susan said she remains hopeful to continue next year.

“I would like to thank everyone who donated from the bottom of my heart and fingers crossed our fourth collection will be even bigger.”


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