Charity Shop Has Eight Thousand Pounds of Donations Stolen

A CHARITY shop in Bury has had over £8000 worth of equipment and donations stolen.

Charity shop Buddys4Autism, Bury, was found Monday afternoon with the shop in ruin as burglars ransacked tills, iPads, and donations, as well as taking the hard drive for the CCTV in the process.

Jane Lord, 53, owner of Buddys4Autism, said: “I came in at about 1.30pm to do some paperwork like I always do on a Monday and everything in the shop was just ruined”.

Jane added: “You just don’t expect it with being a charity, you try your best to help people and then all this happens.”

Buddys4Autsim is a local charity which aims to assist and educate those with autism.

“We try to help everyone we can, not just people with autism. We help homeless, or anyone who needs help in any way, this is a safe place for people to feel welcomed”.

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Jane said that after the incident, she considered “throwing in the towel”, however the many responses via social media have lifted her spirits.

“I’m still a bit shook up, I’m still nervous about whether they’ll come back, I’m feeling a lot of anxiety” she said.

“We’ve had lots of comments on Facebook, we’ve had volunteers come in to help get the shop back together. It made me realise how many people we help, I didn’t realise that many people cared.”

Jane says it took over seven hours for volunteers to restore the shop to its original state.

A Go Fund Me page has been launched in an attempt to rebuild funds.

“My daughter has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for things that were stolen, it’s just great how the community has come together.”

Anyone with any information can call police on 101 quoting incident number ‘858’.


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